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Proposal for a new style of catalogues'
Large displays of the specifications that received “Good!” shows attractive features of the product and users’ comments.
Word of Mouth Catalogue
Specs of “Android au” are arranged In descending order, by the number of “Like”.
The more the number of “Like” increases,the larger the appeal power becomes.
So popular functions are easily identifiable.
Proposal for a new style of catalogues'
“Click 'like'.the more “like” recieves,the function displayed larger.
Tweets are also appear almost as soon as they are sent.
It received approx. 400,000 ‘Good!’ for three months
As a trigger of various activities of Android au!
  • Marketing of the product
  • Word of mouth marketing tool of au shops(effective use of printed matter)
Purpose of the project:
“Let catalogue information become social!”
After the release of the IS03, the most popular page of the ‘catalogue information’ has become social contents for the users to give more opportunities to access the site.
The project visualizes the interests in and opinions for the specifications of the users and attempts to provide contents that encourages the viewers to purchase the products.
Appealing Point:
The size of the interests of the users becomes a appealing points on the website.
The special feature, in which the specifications, received the larger number of interests, are displayed in a larger size, visualizes what is the most popular among the users. This is a new marketing method as in this way, the size of the interest of the users in the specifications defines the sales points of the product, and it is not a company that defines the sales points of the product.
Effectiveness of the work:
In IS03 THE SOCIAL CATALOGUE (*ended in the end of Nov.), approx. 400,000 ‘Good!’ was recorded for three months. It was used as an effective word of mouth marketing tool at au shops. It was also functioned as an engine to be used for advertising and marketing as it ranks the appealing points of the product for advertisements and the future marketing of Android au.
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ID:android  PW:kddi